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Terato e-Wallet

It's true that anytime you broadcast data across a mobile or wireless network you're accepting the risk of that data being intercepted. However, secure e-wallets make sure to utilize a number of security measures that have many tech experts viewing digital payments as safer and more efficient than physical payment (i.e. ATM machines or swiping a credit card at a retailer store).

Financial Transparency

Empowering people

More transparency for public institutions

Reduce corruption

Accountability is the first step towards fighting corruption, and it starts with having access to the right information. The data from systems run on Terato can be permissioned to allow access to the public.

Efficient use of resources

Publishing how budgets are used creates a feedback loop from elected officials to citizens on the quality and adequacy of services and infrastructure compared to the money being spent.

More trust

Transparency fosters trust in institutions and helps governments create buy-in from their citizens. By having more trust, people feel safe and conversion rates are more high.

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Decentralized Financial Ecosystem

Easy-to-use, secured and efficient financial tool for users & merchants to grow their business

Terato Point of Sale

A Blockchain technology based robust & secured mobile app to store, spend, receive or transfer payments for small businesses. Manage customers and grow with actionable analytics.

Terato Peer-2-Peer

A fully secured and easy to use mobile app to initiate peer 2 peer payment transfer. The fastest way to store your funds, send to your friends & family members, or spend to buy products.

Terato Payment Data

Merchants can purchase data with this payment solution to see anonymized spending patterns from their ideal look-alike customers.

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Before joining us, read our T&C

Payer Reputation

Decrease Business Risk

Reliable infrastructure enables detection of good & bad payers

Avoid sharing your e-wallet credentials of accounts with others. Do not give the OTP to a third party especially if you have not made any transactions from your end. The balance in your m wallet is no different from the credit limit/available balance on your credit or debit card, so maintain the confidentiality of your account information at all times.

Reputation score

Accessible data of individuals and business payment history is used to model a payment reputation score that helps a business better define the connection is high or low risk, and architect the business relation following this information.

Network effect

The more companies trusting Terato Blockchain payment solution, the more accurate the data model becomes, allowing for a global understanding of who you are doing business with both locally and abroad.


Information such as invoice and transaction details are kept private on the decentralized network of Terato, ensuring privacy. This allows businesses to keep their activities confidential, protecting their trade secrets and competitive advantages.