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Global LLC is celebrating New Year and Christmas with promotion campaigns for Tera Token. To participate, make sure you eligible criteria. So please follow listed channels and instructions below.

Terato Global L.L.C started in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and later registered in Delaware state, N.Y, U.S at 14 th November, 2018. However is growing big in order to compete favorably with leading marketing agencies in the industry both in North America and on a Global stage.

Terato Global L.L.C is backed up by powerful ecosystem as commodity model. Along with many modules involved in ecosystem, Terato eMarket is the one "Blockchain based Multi-vendor e-commerce Ecosystem". Terato eMarket Ecosystem, where users can become Merchant, like; AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, Etsy etc. Terato eMarket Ecosystem allows its vendors/store owners to sell their products on it. Along with standard features of eMarket, Terato offers cashback to receive up-to 5% of the total purchase price. For more than 40 key features, please take a look on whitepaper that is available on website.

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Terato Promotions - Trading Competition

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