Terato Marketplace

Powered by
Big-Data, Blockchain, AI Driven Analytics

Marketplace Ecosystem

Terato is disrupting field of commerce with wide range of expertise powered by Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data and more. Terato embraced technological advancement to enhance the experience of selling and buying. We are empowering marketplace with machine learning and artificial intelligence as core. Our core solutions are based on variety of algorithms including product matching in which machine learning of product recommendation and its matching algorithm rely on large quantity of data. Our expert building strong ideas like, finding the best alternatives is to suggest the best price-to-quality ratio and achieving it using algorithm reading the blueprint of the product and then comparing it with other products in our database.

Using several types of machine learning methods, our experts are building predictive model, "AI-Driven Future Product Prediction", our goal is to focus on predicting the price of the products in the course of time. Our technological skills approach the problem as a time series anticipation and evaluate different methods.

Terato Enterprise Marketplace Ecosystem

Combining the power of
Blockchain, Big Data, AI driven Analyitcal Intelligence

To empower people and end counterfeiting on E-commerce, we will involve everyone on the internet and combine the strength of Blockchain, Big Data and AI to create trust in online shopping.

Terato Blockchain Ecosystem

Combining the power of Blockchain, Big Data and AI to end online counterfeiting once and for all.

Terato Enterprise Marketplace Ecosystem

AI Technology & Machine Learning

With Terato's established AI and machine learning technology, our platform will effectively acquire new data and verify counterfeit product information, resulting in a more efficient way to fight counterfeits online.

Terato Enterprise Marketplace Ecosystem

Blockchain Technology

Grasping the immutable and distributed features of blockchain technology, Terato will be using blockchain to empower fraud prevention and use blockchain storage for effectively reduce the actions of counterfeit retailers by increasing their cost of business and creating new barriers to their continued operations.

Ground Breaking Framework Improvements

A blockchain-powered shopping and innovative artificial intelligence to power the next generation of retail.

Data Decentralization

At Terato, our ecosystem works with merchants to give their consumers ownership and control of their data using blockchain storage network.

Data Verification

Terato framework will utilize data to analyze using AI, Machine learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Pattern Recognition, Semantic Analysis and Image Recognition technology to verify whether a given product is genuine or counterfeit.

Security and Trust

Terato is empowering everyone on the internet with strength of blockchain and AI to create trust in online shopping. The distributed network of Blockchain automated verification ensures no single proprietor and risk is dispersed immensely.

AI Driven Automated Faster & Cleaner Catalogs

An AI-powered catalog management tool with automated and accurate classification for better product discovery

The power of Artificial Intelligence

Terato's most advanced AI-powered image recognition solution that automatically recognize and categorizes product catalogs with attributes like color, pattern, length, category, sleeve-type and much more. The automated product tagging tool extracts accurate, detailed product attributes from the images at a fraction of time and cost. Automated classification means to prevent manual intervention, more than 10X faster product digitization, faster time to market and significant cost savings. Terato enables disruptive technologies with better data to unify product information across channels, improve the shopper’s product discovery experience and make buying and merchandising decisions easy.

Brands and Retailers

Terato aimed towards helping brands manage, organize and enhance their product catalogs with rich metadata. Product Managers can ensure a seamless product discovery experience for their shoppers, increasing engagement and eliminating bounce rates using accurate product classification generated by Terato's AI algorithms. Merchandising teams can tailor collections and creative theme pages with style, occasion, season and more. By availing teams can make decisions about variety of planning and forecasting.

Personalized Marketing

Make your visual stories sell and boost your purchases!

Terato's interactive and innovative marketing tool powered by Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence enhance the vision of Marketers and Merchandisers for effective marketing with commerce driven text, rich graphics, videos and compelling emails. Our smart intelligence create more rooms of purchases by picking right interested buyers to the product specifications. Our intelligent tools are designed for those who want to stay ahead of the curve with impressive marketing strategies. Terato's smart tools are easy to use and monetizes your campaigns, how and where you want, with targeted sale.

Tailored Web Pages

Power up brands dedicated pages or app by giving an interactive touch with highly interactive graphics and actionable videos, category page, and thematic pages.

Buy on Livestream

Terato enables innovative way of buy and selling by connecting each other in real-time with live-streamed interactive videos.

Targeted ADS

Our conversion intelligence marketing tool enables sellers to target shoppers with interactive commerce driven text, rich graphics, videos ads and compelling emails.