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TERATO Leadership

To lead the development of the TERATO platform, we assembled an experienced and expert core team of Software Engineers, UX and Design experts, supported by a board of experienced advisors in Big Data, Blockchain, Data Science, AI, IoT, Cybersecurity, Venture capital and banking.

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Terato Team

Trent Partridge
Founder & CEO
Miami/Fort Lauderdale, U.S

Trent Partridge has been an entrepreneur for most of his life. He founded marketing agency and been in business for almost 20 years. Based on largest business coverage in his life in U.S, Trent has been playing key role in Real Estate, Shopping, Insurance etc in U.S market and later joined Blockchain. He specialises in team leadership and strategical planning.


Terato Team

Hassan Mostafa
Security & Risk Management Expert
Cairo, Egypt

Business Development Director & Modern Marketing. With more than 18 years of experience in a multinational environment, my responsibilities have covered from product development to business development including program management of high technology solution solutions and consultative services, marketing actions, managing highly skilled people inside a good collaboration team environment.


Terato Team

Ashar Alam
Marketing Director
New York , United States

Responsible for overseeing marketing initiatives within organization. Work to develop sales management, product development, distribution channel management, marketing communications, including advertising and promotions, pricing, market research, and customer service. Empowered with Marketing Strategy Expert, Digital Marketing Manager, Facebook Ads & Social Media Advertising Specialist, Enterprise Health and Specializing in Lead Generation.


Terato Team

Muhammad Umer
Technical Director
Islamabad, Pakistan

Full stack software engineer with 20 years of experience in developing applications with a variety of technologies. Mr. Umer is highly experienced in a wide range of skills, such as; Linux server management, Blockchain & Ethereum Smart Contracts, Decentralized Application Development, System administration, Analysis and operations, Big Data Management, Cloud Edge Computing & web application security, Accessibility, designing, UX/UI.

Terato Team

Amir Riaz
Art Director
Islamabad, Pakistan

Mr. Amir is self-driven and highly motivated designer, always willing to learn more and more keep up-to-date with contemporary trends in design. Working as Art Director, Mr. Amir is having experience 15+ years in graphic designing field ( Outdoor advertising & Print Media)

Terato Team

Ahmed Wali
Blockchain Developer
Islamabad, Pakistan

Full Stack Software Engineer with 9+ years extensive level of experience in Blockchain, NodeJS and Ethereum Smart Contracts Development, Web Development especially Responsive Web 2.0 compliant, compatible to all mobiles, tablets and desktop devices, Data Base Analysis ERD, and structures development, Smarty Template Engine driven applications, Professional Java-script framework modular programming using AngularJS or Backbone.

Terato Team

Rohait J.
Blockchain Developer
Islamabad, Pakistan

An excellent team player with quality of blochain skills. Highly enriched with Ethereum smart contracts, Solidity, Web3.JS etc. Rohait has tremendous skills & outstanding experience in mobile application development also.

Terato Team

Joyel James
Blockchain Developer
Islamabad, Pakistan

Experienced Blockchain Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Dapps, Ethereum Smart Contracts, Python, .NET framework and Azure Service Fabric.

Highly Experienced Business Leaders

Highly Experienced
Business Leaders

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