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It's true that anytime you broadcast data across a mobile or wireless network you're accepting the risk of that data being intercepted. However, secure e-wallets make sure to utilize a number of security measures that have many tech experts viewing digital payments as safer and more efficient than physical payment (i.e. ATM machines or swiping a credit card at a retailer store).

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Is encryption really safe?

Yes of course The amount of time, computation cost, and patience to crack modern encryption algorithms make breaking an encryption without a key a near impossible task. That's not to say that encryption doesn't have vulnerabilities, typically referred to as backdoors. However, the likelihood of these types of digital backdoors working is minimal at best.

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Limited Risk

Let's say someone loses their phone. It is unlocked or doesn't have a password, and someone with less than positive intentions locates it. Whoever gets a hold of that phone will only have access to the funds placed in the terato e-wallet account instead of to an entire bank account through the loss of a physical wallet. The shortfall of funds would hurt but it would be minimal and short-lived since the majority of people who use terato secure e-wallets only put in a few days or weeks' worth of pay.

Maintain confidentiality of your Terato e-wallet

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Avoid sharing your e-wallet credentials of accounts with others. Do not give the OTP to a third party especially if you have not made any transactions from your end. The balance in your m wallet is no different from the credit limit/available balance on your credit or debit card, so maintain the confidentiality of your account information at all times.