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Attractive commissions

Terato offers affiliates a lucrative payout for referring new customers, ranging from $00 to $00 depending on which package the customer selects.

Resources for success

We're invested in our affiliates, so we strive to provide everything they need to be successful. Available resources include beautiful and effective collateral, best practices, product positioning, promotion opportunities, and access to our world-class in-house marketing resources.

Passion for the web

Not long ago (less than 5 years), Terato was nothing more than an idea. We turned that idea into the industry-leading product it is today through web technology and internet marketing. We are extremely passionate about growing our business through the web, and we love nothing more than helping our affiliates do the same.

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Terato Affiliate System

Enroll 3 affiliate and place them on your left or right leg and enroll .You decide where they are placed, left or right! In the diagram below, you are the person at the top! As you enroll two and they enroll two, and they enroll two, and so on, you can see how your two teams grow.

Terato Affiliate Program

Just like you enrolled 3 people, those 3 need to enroll two or 3 people, and so on. It's called duplication!
As everyone continues to enroll their two, your team will grow!

Remember, the more people you enroll and the more they enroll, the faster your group will grow!

Terato Packages

Terato Packages Plan
Terato Packages Plan
Terato Packages Plan

Terato Pairing Commission

Terato Pairing Commission

Terato Ranks

Terato Ranks

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