The Terato Ecosystem enables partnerships, Marketplaces, Collaborations, and Relationships

Tera e-Wallet

Digital Wallet to store your TERA tokens money. Trade Tera on exchanges or buy or sell products via our emarket.

Tera eMarket

Enterprise Blockchain Marketplace to purchase and sell products and some other services by using the shopping process.

Tera Health & Healthcare

Terato’s AI, IoT and Blockchain-based platform and global data exchange enable change in every facet of the health and healthcare industry.

Secure Research Network

Terato is empowered with secure research network to come over the adoption of new trends, scalability, sustainability, technologies, Risks and Market Challenges.

Cognitive Services

Terato is building smarter business with cognitive services that includes; Blockchain, Big-Data, Machine Learning algorithms, AI driven predictive data analytics and Data Science etc.

Mobile Applications

Terato Enterprise Ecosystem enables merchants, businesses and individuals with protocol core for different mobile applications, including wallet features, eMarket, Healthcare, Payment Solutions etc.

Terato Enterprise Business Model

Increase Business Growth
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Fully Licensed & Regulated Platform

TERA Token Allocation

Total Tera Token Allocation 68 Million

Public Allocation 40 Million

Tera Token Allocation

Enterprise Allocation 28 Million

Tera Token Allocation

TERATO Enterprise Academy

We keep things simple! TERATO helps in grasping knowledge and Training of cutting-edge enterprise technologies; "IoT, AI, Blockchain, Big Data, Data Science and more" for emerging markets.

Tera Enterprise Academy
Terato Enterprise Conferences

Don't miss industry solution conferences on Edge Computing, Cloud Services, Big-Data, Blockchain Security, AI, IoT. Terato Enterprise Academy forum is creating the difference. It is not just about new products and ideas. Digital transformation is more than the creation of an innovative product. It is about creating communities of Technology Providers and Technology Consumers, who are brought together to share problems and challenges, ideas, knowledge, and best practices.

Tera Enterprise Academy
Terato Live Shows & Videos

Terato emerging market network consists of organizations and individuals that offer differentiated services to all Terato members and make strategic contributions to the growth of the Next-generation Valley in Vietnam and internationally. Our collaborative partners include authorities (supporting partners), affiliated partners and corporate members (by invitation only). Terato mission is to build Asia’s leading ecosystem for emerging markets, bridging both the Eastern and Western world.

Tera Enterprise Academy
What is Terato Business?

Explore Terato business, it's emerging market technologies, products, plans, Token, trading, e-Market and Media Center.

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